Some might consider it strange to liken our day-to-day activities to an ACROBAT

We do not underestimate the serious nature of our routines, but use this analogy to highlight the way in which our consultancy can support organisations.

For a performer of spectacular feats there are sometimes occasions when guidance,
an extra pair of hands or a specialist can make the difference between
success and failure. Business is no different.

These are the usual reasons for our services being requested. It could be a desire for quick information or a major project.

Whatever the task, our approach is consistent. We provide independent and reliable advice at value for money fees.

We are a coach and training provider who supports GrowthAccelerator. GrowthAccelerator is where ambitious businesses go for new connections, new routes to investment and the new ideas and strategy they need to achieve their full potential. Funding is available for some of our consultancy support to clients from this and other funds.

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