Turkish Sports

With an ever increasing portfolio of contacts and projects in Turkey, Adrian Stores working alongside Bilen Kur, Serkan Tuzkan and Mustafa Bilir launched FC Sports Marketing LTD.

Whilst, the dominant focus will remain football, other sports assignments will be being tackled including volleyball, rugby and basketball initially.

FC Sports Marketing will have five key services that are used by professional and amateur clubs:

1. Commercial marketing support to raise additional income for clubs from proactive sponsorship programmes, growing the fan-base and community relations.

2. Player representation as an approved agency in Turkey and Europe through recognised legal advisers and FIFA agents. This includes the organisation of showcase events for players to show talent and scouting services across leagues.

3. Education in that FC Sports Marketing has an exclusive relationship with the a football development and education programme in the UK that offers studies to at least National Vocational Qualification standards as well as being a ‘shop window’ for young players to be seen by Professional clubs in England, Scotland and Wales. Helping young people get careers in football.

4. Events including pre-season tours for professional and amateur clubs in all age ranges at top quality venues.

5. Sports consultancy in major sports that can also benefit from our marketing skills.

One Marketing Director, commented:
“Adrian is a very knowledgeable and effective marketing professional. He is approachable and goes the extra mile for his clients. His network combined with his many years of expertise is just invaluable. We worked on a project which brought Rixos Hotels with Barcelona FC. His input and energy during the communication process helped us immensely.”